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The Paralympics

So the other day I went to the Paralympics.  I have to say I did think, before going, that it would just be a not so good version of the Olympics, but what I saw completely surpassed my expectations. Firstly, entering the park was a doddle. The security was tight but actually incredibly efficient. The welcome from the volunteers and military was very warm as well.  The park itself is a gorgeous mix of nature and modern structures which blend seamlessly into the wild flowerbeds when looked at from a distance.  Along the river Lea there are also some lovely features including many wonderful bridges and a fantastic waterfall that writes words. I saw two sports, both of which are not in the Olympics.  Firstly I went into the Copper Box, my favourite arena, to watch goal ball. It is a sort of a cross between handball and a penalty shootout, played by visually impaired athletes. I saw Japan vs Brazil in which Japan won 2:0.  We then waited a few hours and went to the basketball arena to watch one of the most eagerly anticipated sports of the games: wheelchair rugby. This sport, nicknamed murderball is probably the most violent game I have ever seen. It is a fusion of rugby, American football and handball  played in wheelchairs. I saw team GB against the US and we got smashed… but hey! It was still fun and the crowd loved it!

All in all my mind has been changed about the Paralympics. It is SO much better than the Olympics simply because the athletes are so much more amazing and inspiring. Truly superhuman!




Kelly Mouthpieces

A few days ago I decided to venture even further into the world of trumpet mouthpieces and bought two Kelly Mouthpieces, a transparent 1 1/2c and their green SCREAMER, costing 50 quid altogether.
First of all the colour scheme available is very extensive and rather stylish, although the best ones in my opinion are definitely the crystal colours. The 1 1/2c is very smooth around the p-mp volume, but gets slightly coarser the louder you play, making it excellent for jazz. It is also very light and warm when you start playing on it, making it very comfy.
The SCREAMER model is very very good in the high register (as you might expect) and projects incredibly well with excellent power.
All in all, they are fantastic mouthpieces at fantastic prices

Reuben Cohen Hiding

Reuben Cohen Hiding by Zachary Eastop (Zeastop) on
Reuben Cohen Hiding by Zachary Eastop

The smallest tuba player I know attempting to hide!

Monks Playing Football

Monks Enjoying a Game of Football by Zachary Eastop (Zeastop) on
Monks Enjoying a Game of Football by Zachary Eastop

Hehehe Monks playing football, whatever next?!

Antique gaming pieces, Tree agate, Snowflake obsidian, sterling silver necklace

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Rotary french horn mouthpieces have always fascinated me. I still have no Idea how they work!

Schagerl Apredado ‘James Morrison’ Mouthpiece

A few weeks ago I went along to a concert played by the trumpet God, Mr James Morrison, and London brass. Needless to say the gig was incredible. That evening in the foyer of Cadogan Hall, Prozone Music had a showcase of AMAZING Schagerl trumpets. I tried every single one! They were all fab! I was also able to spend 10 or 15 minutes with their new Apredato mouthpiece, which at the time I thought to be fantastic. The concept behind it is by having a very thin shank, perfect flexibility is achieved. Then by screwing on a special waterproof sheath and filling it up with water, perfect resonance is achieved. All very innovative!

Yesterday (about a month later) I popped along to the brilliant shop, Prozone Music – a must visit for any brass or wind player – to trial one of these mouthpieces and it felt great in their rooms, too. They were kind enough to let me take it home but when I got it back it immediately started to feel all wrong. In my practice room acoustics the high notes seemed much harder to play and it just felt a bit lacking in power and flexibility. Finally I carried out a blind test and concluded that this whole water concept made little difference to me. I also found that the cup of the mouthpiece was far too big for someone whose muscles (like mine) are still developing and cannot generate that level of embouchure power. So I have now sent it back. It is a novel idea, and I really respect Karl Schagerl and his team for trying something new. That is the reason I am such a fan of Schagerl, they are innovators.  But for me it does not make enough of a difference to be worth the €180.